55 young adults from five different countries proved this week that the idea of the European Union, even with some erosive phenomena’s and nationalistic counter movements, is still alive. As part of the Erasmus-project ‘Fit for work in Europe’, all of them met one last time for the final meeting at the IBG in Lahr, for 7 days.

Neither geographic nor language differences could stop them from keeping a project for the last 3 years and finally finish it successfully this year. The main topic of the third and last project year was ‘lifestyle’. To examine this topic, the students started doing research in their home-countries about the future job expectations of young adults, especially regarding the compatibility of family and work. During the meeting in Lahr, the project participants created posters and photo collages of their results and presented them finally when they visited the European Parliament in Straßburg.

Apart from the IBG Lahr, 4 more schools participated at the EU sponsored education programme. The schools were from Hennebont in Britain (France), Debrecen (Hungary), Tarragona (Spain) and Siedlce (Poland). Each foreign school came to southern Baden with eight students and two teachers that accompanied them. The IBG participated with 23 students and the 4 project coordinators Gabriele Budig, Julia Müller, Alexandra Raicu and Ulrich Tröndle at the final meeting.

Part of the programme were, except for the project work, trips to the Europapark and to the Black Forest (Schauinsland), a German language course for beginners as well as a big Erasmus party. ‘Fit for work in Europe’ is supposed to help the young adults to gain orientation on the European job market. Furthermore, the project caused young Europeans to discover their similarities and to find new friends all over Europe.